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Pay per click advertising and marketing will increase your "targeted" traffic and improve sales

Get immediate results from pay per click advertising (PPC) and marketing! Launch your pay per click campaign with Exe Productions for proper setup and management. Let us optimize your pay per click marketing campaign to achieve maximum results.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is an advantageous asset to your marketing campaign because anyone can immediately rank high in search engine results. This is done by paying for a sponsored link and achieving instant visibility. Advertisers pay when their listing is clicked on. Ads are typically text based and advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their target audience. Pay per click advertising campaigns can be activated sometimes in just minutes.


Choose Exe Productions to manage your pay per click advertising and get tremendous results with:

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An important online marketing strategy is to implement a search engine optimization campaign along with pay per click advertising to not only generate quality relevant traffic, but to increase inbound links which increases "link popularity". This will help your organic (non pay per click) search engine positions climb in ranking.

Set Your Click Budget & Spend Only What You Want

Pay per click advertising and marketing allows you to set your budget and what you want to spend over any given length of time. You only pay for traffic from these sponsored clicks. The top positions typically are the most expensive cost per click but they also receive the highest amount of traffic. However this data needs to be properly analyzed because being in the first position doesn’t always get more traffic and a return on investment should exist in your campaign. These pay per click advertising results are easy for us to analyze. We have web tools that gather data and analytics to track your cost per conversion and return on investment ratios.

These pay per click advertising ads appear when a keyword search is performed and matches you. The cost per click will vary depending on the competitiveness for that particular keyword. There are minimum and maximum amounts you can set that you’re willing to pay for any given keyword, location, etc. With this industry standard "open bidding system", whichever advertiser bids the highest will achieve the highest position. But there are factors other than just your bid amount that need to be taken into account for a successful and profitable pay per click advertising campaign.

Also just as important as everything we've mentioned above, you need to have targeted landing pages that are optimized for your ad. The bidding system will see that your landing page is relevant to that keyword and give you a high quality link that may get more impressions at a lower cost! These pay per click advertising landing pages should also be organized and give the visitor the ability to find what they’re looking for easily. Your goal is to obviously convert these visitors into sales. Your success will depend on your sites ability to persuade the visitor and convert. Professional website design, content, usability, and other e-commerce functions also contribute to your company's success.

Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)


Our full-service pay per click advertising, marketing and management service is an ongoing task for a high volume amount keyword campaign. Constant manual monitoring and support for these campaigns is necessary and vital for success. Proper pay per click advertising, marketing and management can be extremely time consuming. Especially with high volume keyword campaigns. However, these campaigns can be very successful and profitable if setup and managed properly.

Our PPC Services Include:
pay per click target
  • Ad submission
  • Constant monitoring and analysis
  • Campaign and conversion tracking
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reporting
  • Construction of quality ad writing
  • Bid management and account settings
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Landing page creation and optimization

An experienced pay per click management company can create or increase your pay per click marketing campaign. Find out how Exe Productions can help improve your existing pay per click advertising campaign or setup and monitor a new one.


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