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Search Engine Optimization

Attracting visitors can be expensive search engine marketing, but each one is a potential new customer for your business. Not to mention, the profits can be extraordinary. More than 75% of internet users prefer search engines to find companies just like yours. Your competitors are positioned there because of search engine marketing and internet marketing... shouldn’t you be there as well?

Take A Look At Some Facts About How Visitors Find You...

Search Engine Visitors
  • Over 80% of web site traffic comes through search engine marketing
  • 90% of search engine traffic comes from within the first 20 listings
  • Exe Productions provides courteous, friendly and helpful support 24/7
  • Search engines drive highly qualified ‘targeted’ visitors to your website
  • Our PROVEN techniques, since 2001, will dramatically increase your website’s visibility
  • Search engine marketing and internet marketing is the lowest cost per lead of all marketing media
  • Search engine marketing is a full-time position! Partner with us to save time, money and ensure your success

Exe Productions, Inc. delivers quality search engine optimization and positioning strategies for all small to large sized companies. Since 2001 Exe Productions, Inc. has been dedicated to increasing online business revenue through advanced search engine techniques. Exe Productions researches the most searched on, most common terms used on the internet today to find exactly what product/service you are offering.

Your site’s position within the search engine marketing campaign is critical to the success of your online existence, name branding and much more. By not spending the time and resources necessary to achieve a high search engine position, your website is missing out on highly qualified customer leads on a daily basis. We guarantee that our search engine optimization services will increase your site’s traffic and sales.

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Search Engines

What was once a fairly easy task of search engine marketing for top ranking among the most popular search engines has turned out to be a difficult practice requiring research, analysis and lot of hard work.

Exe Productions utilizes search engine and internet marketing research and technology for top position placement. We have experience since 2001 in search engine optimization (SEO) and other types of digital marketing to improve your positions. Exe Productions makes your online presence happen fast along with competitive rates and A++ customer service!

More About SEO - Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Search engine marketing can be segregated into two types:

Search engine marketing is categorized on the basis of two types of websites:

Static sites are simple html pages and easy to promote as compared to dynamic sites which have database driven pages. Both of them need different approach for search engine optimization. We’re very experienced with BOTH promoting static as well as dynamic websites.

The steps involved in search engine marketing are:

Research and development for keywords:

We identify the keywords that correspond to a website’s theme including phrase popularity and optimize them to improve your website ranking.

Free and paid search engines and directory submissions:

Monitoring, analysis and report generation:

To maintain the achieved top ranking positions, we continually analyze your data and remain watchful. We are constantly continuing to advance our search engine marketing tactics and strategies over the years.

We Don't Cut Corners Or Forget Anything
Error Pages

Customized Error Pages (IE: 404)

Many times, users while looking for a page on your web site may make a spelling mistake or a typing error or the page requested may have simply expired or is not available at the moment. By creating a 404 error page with links to other pages within the site, we can take the user back to the site in the event a dead link or updated page name exists and the original page is not found.

Site Maps

Site Maps (XML / NON-XML)

Sitemaps are normally created in XML or HTML. They are a way to alert search engine robots to pages with in your website that the robot may not find. Creating and submitting a sitemap helps your search engine marketing campaign and is an important component of internet marketing.

Robots.txt File

Robots.txt File

The use of a robots.txt file will give instructions about a website to web robots from major search engines. This is also known as The Robots Exclusion Protocol. This is an essential part of your search engine marketing campaign.

Confirm Google Products

Confirm Google Search Console (Formerly Webmaster Tools), Google Analytics (GA) and Google My Business (GMB) Is Properly Setup

Verify domain, upload sitemap, test tracking code, organize settings, fix any errors, etc.

Json Schema

Json Schema Markup Integrated Into Your Website

Schema mark-up are pieces of meticulously written code that you put on your webpages to help search engines retrieve informative information to show users.

Optimize Imagery

Optimize Imagery

All imagery should be particularly optimized for size, loading speed and alt/title text

Confirm Favicon

Confirm Favicon Exists

Verify favicon is properly implemented and working across all browser types

Confirm OG Data

Confirm OG Data (Open Graph Protocol) Exists

This enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph for social sharing for example

A Typical Digital Marketing Campaign

Below is an example of a typical SEO campaign. To customize a campaign, services can be added or removed.

Phase I: Analysis

Phase II: Execution

Phase III: Analyzing & Monitoring Results

We offer a la carte pricing for our search engine optimization services. Our firm can provide you with full-service or we can supplement the work that you are already doing, you decide. The cost of your campaign also depends upon the following considerations and expectations:

Let us help you build your search engine optimization campaign and grow your online existence. It is the first place customers go to look for products/services and the first step prospects use to find vendors.

Exe Productions is known to be one of the most authoritative in this industry with over 2 decades of experience as of 2021. Our experienced team use website design, intuitive navigation, usability and content to maximize visitor experience. Our search optimization services focus on driving QUALITY targeted traffic to your website. This quality targeted traffic will convert much better as they are already looking for your product/service. The end result... attracting quality targeted traffic that has high conversion rates!

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