Social Media Marketing Optimization aka SMO

Use social media marketing optimization (SMO) to grab your audience’s attention, build brand recognition and customer retention

  social media marketing optimization 

» Be sure your product/service is discovered and easily shared.

» Increase brand recognition and awareness with social media marketing and optimization.

» Participate in your community and/or communicate with your customers.

» Create public awareness which gets more link popularity to your website to increase your search engine rankings.

» Initiate social media topics and discussions regarding your product/service and attract ‘targeted’ groups of friends and families.

social media management

» All social media management plans receive a FREE in-depth website audit which is up to a $1200 value. This audit will alert you to important website issues that need to be addressed.

» Create and/or manage on any social media platform ensuring your social channels are properly integrated with your website.

» Posts on social platforms of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc). Posts can be creative posts in which we make a custom image/video that represents your company.

» Boosting posts helps you get more people to like, share and comment on your content. We recommend boosting at least 1 or 2 posts per month which we'll handle.

» We can monitor for negative reviews and if one is posted, you will be alerted on how to proceed.

» We can continually monitor each channel and will respond to any questions, comments and posts within a short time period.

» Add call-to-action buttons to your social pages such as "subscribe to our newsletter".

» Create auto-responses for incoming messages.

» Cover Photos and/or Videos. (NEW! FaceBook in 2018 is now allowing business pages to have a cover VIDEO - MUST HAVE!)


Social Media Marketing Optimization and Branding

Social media marketing optimization should be an important aspect to your campaign. It can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website sometimes even outperforming major search engines. Your product/service must be presented in a relevant, interesting and easily shared format across a variety of social networks. Visitors must have a reason to suggest your product/service to their family and friends. Generally if your visitor likes your product/service, their friends are more likely to be interested in the same thing. This is extremely helpful in reaching targeted audiences.

Social media marketing optimization is an essential component of a successful marketing campaign. It will help increase your search engine rankings because the search engine robots count social media likes, links, etc. as “votes”. These “votes” will increase the amount of inbound links to your website which increases your “link popularity”. The more link popularity you have, the better you will rank in search engine positioning.

There are many online marketing companies that believe social media likes and links are becoming more and more important these days. Any social media marketing optimization and link building campaign should include these elements.

social media optimization

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Optimization

Social media marketing optimization increases brand awareness. Social media marketing is a process in which your product/service can be shared and discussed among social media outlets. This also increases exposure which essentially drives more traffic to your website. At the same time this also builds more link popularity so your website will rank better in search engine positions.

Sometimes social media marketing may have no immediate return on investment but is useful for:

• Building brand awareness and recognition
• Lead generation
• Reputation management
• Building and maintaining relationships
• Product research, testing and development
• Customer interactions, feedback and support
• Building a community following
• Search engine optimization (SEO), social signals, etc

Our Online Strategy and Goals

First we will determine what networks are appropriate for your product/service. We have several years of experience with using the social media network tools correctly and effectively. Social media marketing optimization connects your product/service to an audience. Popular social media networks such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube can be very effective at accomplishing this if done correctly.

Just as important in social media marketing optimization, your product/service must be properly presented to the visitor. There is no benefit to getting traffic to your website if it doesn’t have quality content, a poor user experience, etc. Once the visitor reaches your website, the user experience must continue through unique quality content, illustrate answers to frequently asked questions, user ease to navigation through the website and more. Also provided to the visitor must be “like” and “sharing” availability, RSS feeds, user ratings, polling tools, videos, images, etc. Be certain you are giving your visitors a reason to share their experience with your product/service.

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Social Media Marketing Optimization Tools

Building brand recognition and awareness via social media marketing optimization needs certain expertise, web tools and social media networks. Exe Productions is experienced and savvy with integrating these web tools with social media networks. When determining what social media networks and tools work for your product/service, we focus on solutions that enable topics or discussions, user sharing/liking/linking, user-generated content, etc.

Here are some specific and helpful social media marketing optimization tools:

• Online Communities (social media networks)
• Discussion Boards (forums)
• Blogs
• Photo and Video Sharing Websites
• Consumer Review Websites
• Social Media News Websites

In some social media marketing cases, monitoring or online reputation management systems need to be implemented. This helps monitor your social media activity as you are participating in social media discussions and creating new content. This will also help determine where conversations are happening about your product/service. Monitoring of all of this activity and content is simple using cell phone text messaging, email alerts, Google Alerts, etc. You can also subscribe to search results for your keywords by RSS and receive blog updates as well.

When using social media marketing optimization in conjunction with your campaign, always remember that “trust” is an important factor for social engagement. In order for social media marketing to be effective, you must understand your product/service and it’s relation to the audience. It is important to present yourself to that audience in an accurate and effective manner so that they will want to share, like, link and discuss your product/service!

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