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» Specialized experience since 2001 with search engine optimization (SEO). Also referred to as search engine marketing or internet marketing.

» Research keywords and keyterms relating to your product and/or service. Target those keywords for more quality targeted traffic which converts at higher rates.

» Increase your rankings for your keywords/keyterms at major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, MSN and more with our proven search engine marketing strategies.

» Launch a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) internet marketing campaign for more targeted traffic instantaneously with targeted ad campaigns.

Attracting visitors can be expensive search engine marketing, but each one is a potential new customer for your business. Not to mention, the profits can be extraordinary. More than 75% of internet users prefer search engines to find companies just like yours. Your competitors are positioned there because of search engine marketing and internet marketing… shouldn’t you be there as well?

Exe Productions, Inc. delivers quality search engine marketing and positioning strategies for all small to large sized companies. Since 2001 Exe Productions, Inc. has been dedicated to increasing online business revenue through advanced search engine marketing and internet marketing solutions. Exe Productions researches the most searched on, most common terms used on the internet today to find exactly what product/service you are offering.

Your site’s position within the search engine marketing campaign is critical to the success of your online existence, name branding and much more. By not spending the time and resources necessary to achieve a high search engine position, your website is missing out on highly qualified customer leads on a daily basis. We guarantee that our search engine marketing and internet marketing services will increase your site’s traffic and sales.

Why Choose Exe Productions search engine marketing? Let’s take a look at some true facts about how visitors are finding you...

internet marketing  

• Over 80% of web site traffic comes through search engine marketing

• 90% of search engine traffic comes from within the first 20 listings

• Search engines drive highly qualified ‘targeted’ visitors to your website

• Search engine marketing is a full-time position! Partner with us to save time, money and ensure your success

• Search engine marketing and internet marketing is the lowest cost per lead of all marketing media

• Exe Productions provides courteous, friendly and helpful support 24/7

• Our PROVEN techniques, since 2001, will dramatically increase your website’s visibility


What was once a fairly easy task of search engine marketing for top ranking among the most popular search engines has turned out to be a difficult practice requiring research, analysis and lot of hard work.

Exe Productions utilizes search engine and internet marketing research and technology for top position placement. We have experience since 2001 in search engine marketing and internet marketing to improve your positions. Exe Productions makes your online presence happen fast along with competitive rates and A++ customer service!

Search engine marketing can be segregated into two types:

• Organic search engine marketing (non- paid cost effective way)
• Paid search engine marketing (paid via revenue models such as pay-per-click, geo targeted ads, cost per impression, etc.)

Search engine marketing is categorized on the basis of two types of websites:

• Static (html pages)
• Dynamic (.asp, .php, .jsp, wordpress, joomla, etc.)

Static sites are simple html pages and easy to promote as compared to dynamic sites which have database driven pages. Both of them need different approach for search engine marketing. We’re very experienced with BOTH promoting static as well as dynamic websites.

The steps involved in search engine marketing are:

• Research and development for keywords
• Implementing script on server (For Dynamic Sites only)
• Submissions paid and directory
• Monitoring, analysis and report generation

Research and development for keywords:

We identify the keywords that correspond to a website’s theme including phrase popularity and optimize them to improve your website ranking.

• Initial keyword planning and search engine marketing research
• Customized keyword analysis to define the best suited keywords for you
• Site standing analysis (includes reviewing competitors rankings/keywords)
• Complete on-page search engine optimization of existing page(s)
• Review current backlink profile if any - clean up of toxic back links if applicable
• Compose backlink profile and begin to build quality, relevant and authoritative back links to increase search engine positions

Free and Paid Search Engines and Directory Submissions

• Registering with ‘hand picked’ industry specific directories and search engines to make the potential customers aware of you
• Hand submissions to the top search engines and directories using the most up to date submission methods
• Category selection for each directory
• Search engine submission confirmation reports as well as email and phone assistance
• Multiple URL submissions to search engines and directories
• Follow-up submissions and page modifications to keep your listing highly ranked
• Paid submission/Pay-Per-Click for internet marketing ads at MSN AdCenter, Yahoo Directory, Google AdWords, etc.

Monitoring, Analysis and Report Generation

To maintain the achieved top ranking positions, we continually analyze your data and remain watchful. We are constantly continuing to advance our search engine marketing tactics and strategies over the years.

• Evaluation of server file logs for search engine and user activity
• Monitor your positions / re-submitting for ongoing internet marketing
• Readjusting dropped rankings and keeping you informed with regular reports
• Checking & fixing broken links, broken images, orphan files and images
• Paid submission reports
• Detailed ranking reports showing your new and improved positions
• In-depth traffic and log reports


Customized Error pages (IE: 404):

Many times, users while looking for a page on your web site may make a spelling mistake or a typing error or the page requested may have simply expired or is not available at the moment. By creating a 404 error page with links to other pages within the site, we can take the user back to the site in the event a dead link or updated page name exists and the original page is not found.

Robots.Txt Files:

The use of a robots.txt file will give instructions about a website to web robots from major search engines. This is also known as The Robots Exclusion Protocol. This is an essential part of your search engine marketing campaign.

Site Maps (XML / NON-XML):

Sitemaps are normally created in XML or HTML. They are a way to alert search engine robots to pages with in your website that the robot may not find. Creating and submitting a sitemap helps your search engine marketing campaign and is an important component of internet marketing.

Confirm google webmaster tools/google business is properly setup:

Verify domain, upload sitemap, organize settings, etc.

seo campaign

Below is an example of a typical search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. To customize a campaign, services can be added or removed.

Phase I: Analysis

Web site traffic analysis and visitor profiles - An overview of visitors to your Web site, profiled by search engine optimization referrals and visit pattern

Search engine optimization results - Lists all search terms visitors to your site used before being referred by the search engine results page

Search engine inclusion listing - Lists which pages of your Web site are listed on which particular search engine

Analysis of Web sites linking to your site - Discovers which Web sites link to yours (per search engine listing); discovery of industry-related sites for quality linking

Keyword / keyphrase research and analysis - Which keywords and phrases are currently being searched for? Our keyword databases search actual search engine queries from Google, Yahoo and over 30 other search engines. Page-by-page Web site analysis / Displays each page of your website as a search engine spider would see it

Web site design analysis - Discovery of design elements that may adversely affect search engine optimization rankings

Web site code analysis - Analysis of HTML code utilized in your website that can be optimized to improve search engine rankings

Competitive Analysis - Discovers competitors at the top of search engine result pages (SERP) for competing keywords

Phase II: Execution

• Search engine optimization of website content
• HTML coding optimization using proper styles
• Potential redesign of individual site elements, if applicable.
• Creation/Optimization of website meta tags
• Implementation/Optimization of intra-site cross-linking
• Rewriting/Renaming URLs
• Submission to search engines, search directories and other industry specific sites

Phase III: Analyzing and Monitoring Results

• Search engine optimization submissions: paid inclusion or free?
• Directory submissions: general and industry specific
• Link building leads: we advise you on a link building campaign. This is a very important final step that should never be forgotten about. Ask about our link-building campaigns.
• Targeted Sales Leads: We generate leads for your web site.
• Monthly reports: Optional monthly reporting keyword saturation, PPC campaigns, cutting edge user statistics and more.
• Maintenance and Research: research ways to improve your search engine optimization and rankings. We monitor what your competitors are doing and counter their attempts to get your traffic.

We offer a la carte pricing for our search engine optimization services. Our firm can provide you with full-service search engine optimization or we can supplement the work that you are already doing, you decide. The cost of your campaign also depends upon the following considerations:

What are your expectations?

• What is the number of keywords and key phrases you want for search engine optimization?
• What is the number of links required for you to match the top ranking competitor’s link popularity?
• Technical considerations: site architecture, dynamic content, software and technology used.

Let us help you build your search engine optimization campaign and grow your online existence. It is the first place customers go to look for products/services and the first step prospects use to find vendors...

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